Can You Turn Down These Lights?

black cat with paw over face

Giuseppe trying to nap.

“I’m trying to take a nap here,” Giuseppe says.

“I’m trying to work here,” I respond.

“But it’s so nice and toasty warm here,” he replies.

“It won’t be if I turn down the lights,” I tell him.

“I need my beauty rest. Mlle Daisy may contact me at any moment and I need to look perfect,” he insists.

“Mlle Daisy loves you no matter what you do, she tells you that all the time,” I say.

“But I can never be too sure, I did hear there is at least one other black cat who visits her door, I need to be very careful,” Giuseppe says.

“If you like to eat, you might consider moving to a more comfortable spot to get your beauty rest than lazing all over my desk,” I remark.

“But I have to he right here if Mlle sends a message, and I have to be perfect!” he protests.

“Giuseppe, the two of you don’t have Skype or anything, she can’t see you when she sends you a message,” I tell him.

“She can’t?” he asks.

“No, baby, she can’t see you. Can you see her when you send a message?” I ask.

“No, but I just always thought she could see me,” Giuseppe says, confused.

“It’s just words right now, Big Guy, you don’t need to comb your ear hair and shine your whiskers,” I tell him.

“I’m so disappointed…” he trails off.

“Perhaps you could go and sleep on the bed with your brothers,” I suggest, trying not to be too obvious. “They will help you feel better.”

“Can we send Mlle a message right now?” he asks.

“Sure we can,” I reply. “What would you like me to type?”

“Mlle Daisy, mon cherie, I love you with all my heart and every piece of fur on my body!” he says. I type this.

“And, and…I have a gift for you! It will be a surprise,” he continues.

“That’s very sweet, Giuseppe. Anything else?” I ask.

“Love and kisses, nuzzles and purrs, your love, Giuseppe,” he finishes.

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3 Comments on “Can You Turn Down These Lights?”

  1. Gail Sheffield says:

    Giuseppe might want to check out the dog print of Kevin by Covington, Louisiana, artist Jim Tweedy.

  2. Daisy says:

    Ooo la la. Love and kisses and nuzzles and purrrrrrrs….
    Oh Giuseppe mon cher, I love you too. I asked mom to
    brush my silky black fur before she typed my message
    to you. Giuseppe, our moms do not know that we CAN
    see one another… it is CAT MAGIC!
    But purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhaps mom will install Skype on
    our computer…. will I then be able to
    see your beautiful ears and handsome whiskers
    any time I wish?
    Your Mlle, Daisy Marguerite. xxoo

    • Giuseppe says:

      Oh, Mlle Daisy! You are so lovely today! Our humans are good and loving, but they certainly aren’t aware of our special intuitive qualities, are they? Indeed, I would love to be able to see you any time I wished, and how I wish I could share these beautiful autumn days together…imagine watching the birds at the feeders, and waiting for mousies to come into the basement and curling up together in a patch of sunlight at the top of the stairs.

      I hope you’re having a beautiful day, Mlle Daisy!

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