Creating With Cats: Quilted Kitties for Fun and Charity

Section from quilt

"Let Sleeping Cats Lie" quilt

So I walk into my customer’s house on a visit to photograph her portrait, and I’m faced with the cat faces on this quilt. It’s difficult to greet and carry on a conversation being distracted by something I desperately want to investigate, but time is short and I hope I’ll be back at some point to satisfy my curiosity with a good study of the quilted cat images in front of me, and then I see another one…

Art, craft and animals

rack of quilts

One rack of Missy's finished quilts.

Nearly every artist and crafter I know lives with at least one animal companion. It may just seem like that to me because people with animals tend to gravitate toward each other, but even in the professional art organizations of which I’m a member that have nothing to do with animals conversations often tend toward our pets because most of us live with one or more, or are even involved in rescue.

And as I’ve met many animal fanciers among my creative friends, I’ve also met quite a few creative people among my friends who live with animals, especially those who have commissioned portraits.

small quilt with cat

The lap quilt that hangs in Missy's studio.

Missy Bauer and her passion for quilting

Recently I was back for a visit with this customer when I included the portrait of her cats Milan and Felix in the exhibit at my book signing because they are included in Great Rescues. As I studied and photographed the quilts we discussed fabric and patterns and using our creative passion for good, donating quilts to charity, especially to animal shelters.

Missy is a serious quilter, producing six to eight quilts tops a month, sending them off to one of three people who back, quilt and bind them for her.

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