Something In My Office

five cats on rug

The Fantastic Four and Marvelous Mimi, at it again for autumn.

Tell me, could you work with something like this in your office? A glob of black cats nearly indistinguishable from each other? A pile of purring black fur? What would you do if you knew this was happening on the floor behind you? Tell me you wouldn’t be distracted.

Well, guess what? It’s time for the Fantastic Four and their marvelous mom Mimi to curl up on the butterfly rug and wait for the furnace to come on.

At one point this afternoon I noticed a conspicuous absence of cats on my desk. I knew the tortie girls were having their senior special for lunch up in the bathroom, but why not at least one black cat to lie all over my papers and sit between me and my monitor?

I did bring the butterfly rug out of storage and set it on the floor, so it’s partly my own fault. But that vent in the bottom step is a furnace vent, and cats have always been serious about sleeping there. Don’t mind me when I have to practically jump over them to get to the steps when I want to go up, and carefully take one big step over them when coming down. I don’t mind that. It’s just when they get all in a pile like this that I find it impossible to do anything but photograph them.

Below is the “key” to their scramble. Sometimes seeing them from above helps to figure things out. From the top, Mr. Sunshine is using his mom as a bolster, lapping his front paws over her. Mewsette tucked herself into the group when all four had settled in, so she’s on top at about 2:00, her head resting on Jelly Bean’s, though Jelly Bean had been cuddling face to face with Giuseppe until Mewsette came along. They don’t move much when they get into one of these.

five cats on butterfly rug

All five from above.


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