Mimi’s Morning

black cat in sun on flowered rug and floor

Mimi's Morning

Mimi enjoys a few brief moments of warm sun on the landing on an otherwise rainy morning. After it disappeared behind a heavy overcast and more rain, she remained on the landing, waiting for its return. She’ll have more luck in the next few days.

And though I love the colors in this photo, the wonderful shades of pink in the rug and the warm patterns in the natural wood floor, this composition has a number of elements that typically appeal to me in black and white photos: strong highlights and shadows, a simple shape which becomes a strong focal point in Mimi, and small and large patterns that have sufficient contrast when their native colors are turned to monochrome.

black cat on rug and floor black and white

Mimi's Morning in black and white.


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Old Friends and New Friends

tortoiseshell cat by rack

"Where did all my stuff go?"

I visited the Agway farm store today where I usually buy my cat food, bird seed and outdoor tools and plants and seeds for my garden, as well as restock my displays of greeting cards and gift items.

two cats

Gambit and Tabatha nap in the shade.

But today was not the day to seek out Gambit and Tabatha’ latest hiding spot, or visit a cage of stray or feral kittens on their way to being socialized and bound for loving adoptive homes.

The store is closing, has in fact closed, and I went to pack up my stuff and buy what I could from the merchandise that was left.

Agway stores and similar farm supply stores provided farms with specific products that couldn’t be found any other place. As the number of both working and hobby farms has decreased in Allegheny County, the clientele has decreased, and even with picking up home, garden and pet supplies, a small shop can’t compete with the big box stores.

kittens front

Four kittens, two from each litter.

But the big box stores don’t rescue stray kittens and cats, nor do they sell your home-canned pickles and apple butter, nor the eggs produced by the chicks you bought from them last year and raised with help from others who shop there and know about hens and roosters.

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