Stinkbug Invasion!

black cat with stinkbug

Stinkbug Invasion in My Studio

Mr. Sunshine gets up close and personal as a stinkbug silently waves its legs and antennae, letting Mr. Sunshine know just what he thinks of the situation. Watch the slideshow below to see what happened next.

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One of Mr. Sunshine’s friends had a run-in with a stinkbug—and she tried to eat it! Ruby’s Reflections on The Conscious Cat.


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Akasha Lost Her Person, and Her Home

black and white cat

Akasha lost her mom and needs a home!

Akasha’s person died suddenly on September 20, 2011, with Akasha sitting right next to her, and now Akasha needs a home…again.

From Animal Advocates:

black and white cat


It was a long time coming but for a while Akasha had it all.  At least she had everything she really needed. As a young cat she had been in our rescue for quite some time. She was definitely not happy sharing space with other cats and she let everybody know it. When she wasn’t acting out she was sulking. As pretty as she is she just wasn’t living up to that “pretty is as pretty does ” adage.

Then she met a compassionate cat lover named  Michaelene. “Mikey” was catless having lost a senior cat companion and she was able to offer an only cat home to Akasha.  The transformation was almost immediate and miraculous. With kindness and patience and without the stress of other animals around, testy Akasha transformed into an absolute cuddle kitty. She became affectionate, playful and demonstrative, responding to her name, head butting for attention and following her Mikey like a puppy dog. This attitude extended beyond Mikey. Akasha  wanted to be friends with Mikey’s human friends as well.

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