Cookie’s Blessing

black cat and tortoiseshell cat

Mewsette requests a blessing.

Mewsette approached Cookie as she was at her bath today, with her head respectfully bowed. Normally Cookie ignores her and sometimes gives her a good swat, but today she reached out and pulled Mewsette’s face close to hers and briefly licked Mewsette’s forehead and ear. Mewsette’s existence is now justified.

tortoiseshell cat and black cat

Cookie obliges.

Cookie is 19, Mewsette 4, a big sister who is little, and a little sister who is big. Mousse often makes these overtures toward Cookie and, often, she will simply be near Cookie. Cookie doesn’t think she needs a guardian but likes Mewsette’s company.

Like Peaches before her, Cookie feels it’s just her due as the grande dame of the household.

Like Cookie before them all, Mewsette is simply being vigilant with her senior brothers and sisters.

Here’s another image of Cookie with Mewsette, who keeps watch as Cookie sleeps.


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4 Comments on “Cookie’s Blessing”

  1. […] Here are a few images of Mewsette keeping watch over Cookie as she slept: Big and Little Sisters and Copy Cats, and cuddling with her when she wasn’t feeling well: A Loyal Sister and Cookie Says Thank You. Cookie did grow to appreciate big, warm, soft Mewsette, as seen in Cookie’s Blessing. […]

  2. […] will occasionally scowl and growl, but she never lifts a paw. Once, recently, she even asked for Cookie’s blessing, and while Cookie usually pointedly ignores Mewsette’s overtures (hard to do, Mewsette is […]

    • animalartist says:

      Cookie is the world’s sweetest tortie, but she usually hands out tough love. Mewsette is big and strong and can take a lot of tortie slaps, and she’s very patient. She stayed with Cookie for the rest of the afternoon. I forgot the link to the other photo of the two of them!

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