Does This Bag Make Me Look Fat?

black cat in green bag

Mimi tries on a big bag.

Really, tell me the truth. I’m approaching seven pounds, and I’m getting to middle age, if you know what I mean. A lady has to stay slender.

Mimi, you could never look fat, especially in a bag that could hold about eight of you. Enjoy your bag.


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Born Free

sleeping lion

One of the lionesses at the Pittsburgh Zoo sleeping on a hot August afternoon.

A short while ago I posted on Facebook that I’d been enjoying the music from the 1966 movie Born Free and was remembering the movie, which always made me cry, in fact, even just hearing the music made me cry (as it does right now this minute).

That touched a chord with many others who remembered and felt the same about the movie wherein British game warden in Kenya George Adamson shoots and kills a charging lioness, finds her cubs, and raises them along with his wife, Joy. Two of the cubs are sent to a Rotterdam zoo as they grow, but Elsa stays with them as more or less a pet. When she causes elephants to stampede a village, they are told she must be sent to a zoo or rehabilitated into the wild.

It would have been far easier and perhaps less painful for them to simply send Elsa off to a zoo, and the months of teaching her to hunt and kill and to become part of a pride were frustrating and disappointing by turn, yet they were determined they would see her live her life as a free member of her own species in her own homeland. Elsa’s is the first known rehabilitation and reintroduction to her wild nature, the first time anyone had made contact again with an animal they had reintroduced into the wild, and the first to successfully reproduce.

So why do so many pull out the tissues when the music starts? Because the Adamsons had that same bond with her that any of us does with the animals in our lives, and for whatever reason it happens, it’s still painful to see that bond severed.

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