Stacked Tortie Girls

two tortoiseshell cats on lap

Cookie and Kelly stacked again

It seems Cookie is the perpetrator of the stackable torties in this house; the last photo of the two of them on my lap had Cookie on top, and the two of them in approximately the same position. All I do is change my clothes—from summery sun dress to cool-weather long-sleeve top and denim skirt. In this case, however, Cookie has incapacitated my right hand. Good thing I use the mouse with my left hand.

two tortoiseshell cats on lap

Comfy girls.

Though it looks like Kelly is losing out here by sliding farther down my lap. She realized this and readjusted, which in Kelly’s rule book necessitates a full bath. She was sleepy, however, and tortie fur is tortie fur—she and Cookie ended up vigorously bathing each other for about a minute, then drifting back to sleep.

two tortoiseshell cats bathing

Bathing each other.

The only thing I got done was to take a lot of shaky photos. My arms aren’t long enough for these.


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