Today It’s Stacked Black Cats

two black cats

Mewsette and Mimi cuddle on my lap.

I can only think there’s some sort of competition happening after the reports of “stacked torties girls” from yesterday. Now, that may be true of Mimi—she tends to show up in any of Kelly’s or Cookie’s favorite spots, looking innocent—but Mewsette has no guile whatsoever, and she was the first on my lap this morning.

two black cats

Mewsette bathing Mimi. Happy.

Happily purring and big enough that I have to bend my elbows around her to get my hands to the keyboard, she apparently didn’t mind when her mom came along and first and walked all over her, then cuddled down in front.

This activated Mewsette’s bath gene and she immediately began bathing Mimi, who quietly enjoyed it.

A little later, they left for other activities and Giuseppe settled his large, heavy self across my lap, trying to expand himself so that I had to push away from the keyboard. Eventually Mr. Sunshine came along, thought we looked cozy and decided there was enough room for him, especially if he simply laid down on top of his brother. Giuseppe shuffled a little and this set off Mr. Sunshine’s bath gene and Giuseppe was treated to somewhat of a bath around his ears—after all, they couldn’t move too much or one or both would go tumbling off my lap.

two black cats on lap

Giuseppe and Mr. Sunshine.

“What?” Too bad Giuseppe began to turn his face! I’m not sure what he was doing, but it made me reach for the mouse to make sure it didn’t end up on the floor.

two black cats on lap

What are you lookin' at?

Again, the only thing I got done was to take a lot of shaky photos.


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3 Comments on “Today It’s Stacked Black Cats”

  1. Laurie says:

    Love it! They all look so cozy and comfortable!

  2. I must get at least one more kitty. I love these stacked kitty photos! 😉

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