Waiting for the Mousie

five black cats in room

Five cats in my studio waiting for a mouse.

There are actually five black cats in this photo, and they are all in my studio taking turns keeping watch because there is apparently a little mousie in there somewhere. Don’t know how a mousie got the the second floor, but I have an idea, something to do with Mr. Sunshine and a mousie last night. One tiny scratching sound that I can’t even hear, and all ears turn toward the spot from which the sound emanated.

Giuseppe is right by the door, and Jelly Bean is in the distance, the two current guards. In a heap by the door are Mimi in front, Mewsette curled around her and Mr. Sunshine curled around Mewsette. One must preserve one’s energy for the big chase, whenever that might happen.

Later, Mewsette came running down the stairs with the mousie. I’m kind of glad. I feel bad for the mousie trapped in the room without food or water; even if I close the door and put it out the mousie generally does not eat it and I know is often injured beyond the point of sustenance.The room can become unpleasant when mousie fades away, as has happened on more than one occasion when someone runs upstairs with one to hide it in their other stash.


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