Happy Meow-loween From My Mewsette!

Halloween greeting card

Madame Mewsette will tell your For-tuna

This is Mewsette’s favorite costume! She didn’t even have to put on one embarrassing garment or accessory.

Perhps Mewsette’s costume is honoring my alleged gypsy great-grandmother.

When I attended Catholic grade school, we were to dress up as our patron saint for All Hallow’s Eve, and dressing up as St. Bernadette was pretty easy for me as I already tended to wear peasant-style clothing and St. Bernadette didn’t suffer any dire injuries or horrible torture like some of the other saints, she just lived to be very old, despite Lourdes.

Well, I think Mewsette is dressed up as one of her patron kitties—she is quiet and introspective, unlike her brothers, and I can just see her in the role of a familiar or a gypsy fortune-teller!


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8 Comments on “Happy Meow-loween From My Mewsette!”

  1. Chris Davis says:

    Madame Mewsette…how does my future look?

  2. Wazeau says:

    Off to aquire some salmon fillets… I need my fortune told!

  3. Sue Cummins says:

    I got the Halloween cards.
    Keeping them for myself, because of the cute pictures Can use them to decorate the room.

    Sue and Annier

  4. Denise says:

    Oh Mewsette, please tell me if good fortune is coming
    my way.

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