So Much for the Apple Crisp

tortoiseshell cat in enamel pan

Cookie in the fruit crisp pan.

I set my favorite enamel pan for fruit crisps on the table, and Cookie immediately stepped into it and did her thing, fitting herself into it at different angles, having a little bath, then finally having a nap. The pan meets her exacting specifications.

This position came after a few other tests, such as the first and most obvious fit. This left too much room in some areas and was therefore unsatisfactory.

tortoiseshell cat in baking pan

Cookie's first attempt at fitting into the pan.

One of the most important tests of any pan is whether or not one can bathe in it. Apparently this pan passes the test as Cookie gave herself a full bath.

tortoiseshell cat bathing in pan

It's adequate for bathing.

“Could you just leave me alone to have my nap now?”

tortoiseshell cat napping in pan


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Cookie’s Little Incident, Senior Kitties, and Keeping Your Pets Well

tortoiseshell cat in autumn leaves

"Aha," Cookie says, "the season has finally come around to coordinating with me."

Happily sunning herself in a patch of sunlight on the leaf-covered ground, Cookie approves of the season and how it coordinates with her fur color and pattern.

But Cookie had a little health issue this week, perhaps a minor thing for a younger cat but at age 19 anything can become serious. It turns out she had an abscess under her chin which may have originated in her mouth—her teeth have always been a problem—or may have been an infection on her chin itself.

Cookie and I enjoyed our morning visit to the back yard on Tuesday, November 1, but while I was photographing her in the autumn leaves (the “Autumn Leaf Queen”) I kept studying her face; something wasn’t right. Most of us will notice when something familiar is different even if we can’t identify the difference. Artist that I am, I am always grateful for the ability to remember details, especially when it comes to my cats and their health. I’ve been looking at Cookie for 19 years, and though she’s been changing more rapidly in the past two years with age finally taking its toll on her muscle mass, hyperthyroidism and mild chronic renal failure changing her body’s shape, how she moves, how she talks, I still know her face pretty well from one day to the next. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I photograph her multiple times each day so I actually have a record as well. Read the rest of this entry »

The Artist’s Life: Holiday Cards

illustrated holiday card

Can We Get That Thing?

The feline silhouette once again! In addition to two new silhouette designs, I’ve also designed a few art cards and revived holiday cards from the past decade, including a couple of block prints. I’m featuring the feline-themed cards here, but I also have new nature-, winter- and back yard bird-themed designs using my photographs, illustrations and artwork; I’ll post a link to the articles when I post them on my Marketplace blog. This year, all my cards are 5″ x 7″ to save myself the trouble of running all over creation to find envelopes in eight different sizes.

cat looking at star

Star of Wonder

I’ve been planning illustrations with silhouettes such as these ever since I realized the Fantastic Four were meant to stay with me. If you’ve read other articles about their history with me, you may remember that I kept them for their first year, but being a family of black cats they were difficult to adopt out—shelters already had enough black cats! But I’d been watching them since they were tiny fuzzballs, and as I watched them grow into curious, lithe and active cats I also thoroughly enjoyed observing their changing silhouettes, taking many reference photos along the way.

I did decide they needed to stay with me for art reasons, and anyone who doesn’t believe me in that only needs to look at my designs such as these cards!

Read the rest of this entry »