Penguin Cat

black cat washing belly

JB keeps his white spot very clean.

Perhaps Jelly Bean is inspired by the painting of the polar bears behind him on the easel, or perhaps he just has a large white spot on his belly that he keeps very clean.

He looks quite fat when he does this, and the way he holds his arms out to the side really makes me think of penguin flippers, especially with his little hind paws turn inward. He is excessively cute.

But he made me promise that if I showed this photo of him where he looks fat and ugly that I’d also show a photo where he looks handsome and dignified. Here is the Bean, looking quite handsome and dignified.

black cat with white spot

Jelly Bean, handsome and dignified.


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Area Senior Cat Finds Muse in Photography

Peaches with camera

Here I am ready to take a photo.

If cats can paint, why can’t they photograph, too? Peaches Kazmarski has been looking for a creative outlet all her life, and finally found it one day when her person left her camera unattended.

“It was just too convenient,” Peaches remarks. “She walked away from one of her ridiculous projects, leaving the camera on the tripod and a convenient stool next to it and stuff all around. I couldn’t resist giving it a try, seeing that it was all set up and ready to go. I didn’t even have to turn the camera on.”

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