Giuseppe is Very Patient, and Why I Make Typos

black cat with tortie cat

It's all in a day's work for a strong, young cat.

We know Giuseppe has a soft spot for older women—Mlle Daisy Marguerite is 10! Perhaps that’s because he took such good care of Peaches, who was 17 when he was born. Now there is Cookie who is not as pliable as Peaches was; Giuseppe would gently nudge this way and that until she was settled, then he’d either curl around her or use her as a pillow. Cookie prefers to arrange herself according to her own needs at the moment.

And this leads to my difficulties typing, as you can see. (Wish I hadn’t dunked this little camera into the creek; my photos with it get more blurry every day.)

tortie cat draped over arm and black cat

They've cut off the circulation, not to mention inhibiting typing.

Beyond Food and Water, Loving Care for Your Senior Cat, part 2

tortoiseshell cat napping in the sun

Naptime for Cookie

I’m proud to say that part two of this series won a Muse Medallion in the Cat Writers’ Association’s 2007 Communications Contest and the Hartz Mountain Everyday Chewable Vitamin Award for the best article on senior cat care in the same contest. That’s when I joined the Cat Writers’ Association and it’s been one of the best associations I’ve made in my career for both writing and learning.

Right now, your kitty is still pretty much at the top of his scratching post. He’s got the benefit of a good diet, lots of exercise with all his toys, and the knowledge that his little world really does revolve around him.

photo of a cat on refrigerator

Kelly can still make it to the top of the refrigerator at 16

Many cats will go on like this well into their teens, still spry and playful with a good appetite and a good attitude, perhaps just sleeping a little more and losing a little muscle mass even with regular exercise. But just like humans, other cats will begin to deteriorate at a younger age, or will develop chronic or terminal illnesses. And because many of us have rescued our companions from a life on the streets, many will bear the marks of that early deprivation, well enough when young, but with increasing difficulty as they age.

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