Four Faces

four black cat faces

Four Faces, poster edges.

The Fantastic Four are constantly arranging themselves into abstract, inspiring, cute, noble and confusing configurations. I should be accustomed to it by now, but I can watch them all day sleeping in a pile on the floor behind me (on top of the extra-large canvas shopping bag that had been Mr. Sunshine’s mancatcave, as every feline heap must have a good base and reason for collecting) as they settle, and settle, and settle again, then all get up and stretch and bathe each other and resettle.

It’s difficult to photograph four black cats and get enough details in a photo like this that a viewer can understand it on a computer screen, even using a flash which can’t get a reading for hot to set itself. Sometimes my poor camera, trying to find something to focus on in all that black fur, beeps repeatedly in total visual confusion telling me, “I just don’t see anything but black!!”

Above I adjusted the contrast in the image and dramatically lightened it overall, then applied a modified poster edges filter. Below is the original photo in pretty much the original values, lightened just a little.

four black cat faces

Four Faces, original photo.


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Senior Pet Adoption Donation Program

pastel painting of a cat on a table with peonies

Peaches and Peonies, pastel © B.E. Kazmarski

I pledge to support senior adoption programs at shelters by making a donation from the sale of every full-size or half-size gicleé print of “Peaches and Peonies.”

I’ve told many stories about Peaches on this site so you know her story of losing her person and entering my life when she was fifteen as a foster, and that we shared a very fulfilling five years before she passed though others were afraid to adopt her for fear she’d die soon. That was not in Peaches’ plan, and not in the plan for most older pets who need homes!

For Adopt a Senior Pet Month I’m featuring this donation offer involving prints of the portrait I painted of her. She’d like the idea that she’s still helping people adopt senior pets and helping shelters help senior pets, and I like the idea that I help to spread her memory through my artwork.

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