Kelly On a Rainy Day

tortoiseshell cat at window

Kelly on a rainy day.

Many years ago Kelly lived with a stray and feral colony of cats in a neighborhood in Pittsburgh, and I sometimes wonder if that’s what she ponders when she looks out the window as she does here. She seems to have carried a lot of trauma with her, and while she loves to look outside and sit by open doors and windows, she has absolutely no interest at all in going out there. Not that she needs to worry about that. I love to let my rescues know they are inside now. Someday I’ll have to get her to tell her story.


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7 Comments on “Kelly On a Rainy Day”

  1. Linda Chapman says:

    Just the intent look she does seem to have as she’s looking outside. One “would” indeed wonder just what her thoughts would be. Amazing shot!

  2. Dianda says:

    She looks like Cookie!

  3. Carolyn says:

    It seems her story is just crying out to be told! Lovely photo 🙂

  4. Ingrid King says:

    Beautiful photo! I see another greeting card in the making 🙂

    • animalartist says:

      Thank you, Ingrid! It was nearly a quick little painting, but when Kelly notices I’m looking at her she runs over for some affection, so I only managed a photo. Think I’ll still paint her like this, my contemplative little Kelly.

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