JB Sez Yo Dudes

black cat on table

Bean is feelin' gooooood.

Yo dudes and dudettes, I got the news, this Bu-…Burpen-…Bupren-pine…Bu-pren-or-phine…is really good sh…stuff! No pain, I am feeling no pain at all, and there’s little paisley mices running around under all the furniture! Cool! Mom does that silly squeezing my belly thing saying something about my bladder, and ooohh! it tickles! I just roll around and laugh! And when she let me out of the bathroom because I peed in the box (so what, I pee in the box all the time) I flew around the house! I mean, I really flew! I wrestled with my brothers and I beat them up, too bad! Mom called my doctor to see if this was okay and I just don’t see what the problem is, I’ve never felt this good, like, in my whole life! I just have to sit still every once in a while and wait for the room to stop spin…n…n…ning…

This is Jelly Bean on drugs. He’s still having some issues with inflammation and earlier today his urine output dwindled to sitting and waiting in the box, but nothing happened, Jelly Bean looked miserable and I was biting my fingernails; we needed to add a little prednisone back into the mix, so between the two JB is having an out-of-body experience. I’m really watching everything he puts in the box and feeling for the condition of his bladder in that plump little sandbag, and he just falls down and rolls around. His purr is rattling the dishes. I’m also watching so he really doesn’t try to fly.

It’s just funny to see him now and then with totally dilated pupils and a pretty blank expression, and he is playful and active but right now he’s just a little out of control. I noticed this first last night. Buprenorphine has a mild narcotic effect and what I’m seeing is normal, including the presumption of little paisley mices under the cabinet. Then after he does everything he can think of, he suddenly folds up his legs and settles down and looks really stoned and maybe a little paranoid, especially when one of his brothers comes near.

Especially since those two brothers are being total jerks. On Wednesday when I had JB confined for most of the day hoping he’d produce more than a few drops here and there, Giuseppe couldn’t live without him, I had to allow visitation with the three of them in the bathroom. Those two are best buddies—you can look all over this blog and see photos of the two of them together. Wednesday night when we came home from the emergency hospital I thought they’d be glad to see him, but they hissed and hit him and ran away growling, even growling at each other and getting into a pretty noisy wrestling match after I kicked them out of the bathroom. This has improved through the day today until now when there is no growling and just the occasional hiss. Jelly Bean did start a wrestling match with Giuseppe a little bit ago, which is totally normal for those two, and Giuseppe did hiss at him a few times, but they also wrestled and Giuseppe held him down and licked his head a few times, a good sign.

Mewsette cuddled with him late last night and gave him a little bath. I was glad to see that, but it’s not the same as his brothers.

So the Bean gets three more days of this! Wish me luck in keeping up with him.


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12 Comments on “JB Sez Yo Dudes”

  1. Jay says:

    Add some catnip to the mix. Watching them try to walk and having the feet not working.

  2. Anita says:

    Thinking of you and JB today, hope he continues to feel well.

  3. Wazeau says:

    Glad he is doing better! What is it about the vet, when both my cats go together for their annual checkups, everythings fine and dandy. But if one goes alone, when they come home all hell breaks lose.

    • animalartist says:

      Wazeau, what’s so funny is how absolutely bonded these four are–I guess it was a shock to them that he was suddenly different, especially in that particular communication area under the tail where he’d been shaved and swabbed with lots of different things. It took a few days for him to get his own scent back.

  4. Dianda says:

    Awe, I hope JB gets well soon!

  5. rumpydog says:

    Poor kitty! I hope you’re well soon!

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