Girl Talk

two tortoiseshell cats

Girl Talk

What secrets do you suppose my two tortie girls are sharing today? That cute tabby boy who’s been visiting from Midland Avenue? How annoying four young black cats can be to two “geriatric” tortie girls? A plot for Tortoiseshell Cat World Domination?

Cookie, 19, and Kelly, 17, have never been real “buddies”, but I think this relationship is changing in their golden years. Kelly has always been sweet, but shy and timid, while Cookie has always been friendly and congenial and tried to make Kelly feel at home for the past 15 years. Perhaps Kelly is finally getting the idea. Cookie was bathing, Kelly was sleeping facing the other direction, then Cookie and Kelly turned to each other at the same time and shared a moment of deep friendship.

These two have owned my desk lately, which still is not clean. After a few photos of them I was intending to post a few days of photos of the Fantastic Four and their mom in the act of being fantastic, but this photo simply warmed my heart. Then again, Cookie has been at it in the kitchen again…


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