Baby, It’s Cold in Here

a pile of five black cats

A pile of five black cats: clockwise from top left, Giuseppe, Jelly Bean, Mimi, Mewsette, Mr. Sunshine.

Ooh, the temperature dropped and we even saw a few snow flurries today! I didn’t have the kitty keep-warm lamps on at my desk, so they had to improvise on the oversized green sh0pping bag that really is underneath them all.

The view above is one from the angle at which you cold see that there were decidedly five black cats in the pile; note Mimi on top of the pile. Well, she is the mom, and this is after she did a little clean-up on each of their faces and ears. The job of a mom cat is never done, but they do keep her warm and make a nice soft bed when they all pile up like that.

The photo below is what I saw when I turned around from my desk. All was quiet but I had a sense of a large gob of cats behind me. Sure enough, there they were. My poor camera, photographing these piles of black cats kind of blows its little electronic cells because it can’t find anything to focus on. It blows my little brain cells too because I can only focus on them.

five cats piled up

What I saw from my chair.

It’s good to see the Bean back in everyone’s good graces. If you can’t get enough of seeing five black cats piled up, or four or three, see this collection of images of Mimi’s Children, and Mimi herself, not always piled up, but always together.


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