Amber Midnight Needs a Home

black cat

Amber Midnight needs a home soon!

We love all kitty brands and flavors here at The Creative Cat, but we’ve always felt black cats were very special. Mimi and her children, and even the tortie girls who remember the first black cat, feel a special responsibility for black cats in need.

Meet Amber Midnight

This handsome black kitty has apparently chosen the back porch of a woman named Shirley, but Shirley already has a kitty and the retirement community where she lives does not allow pets kept outside or stray animals.

I am trying to find a warm and loving home for a Black Short Haired Cat that has wondered into the complex where I live several months ago.  I have named this cat Amber Midnight because it has Amber Eyes and is as Black as Midnight.  It is soooo friendly and I am guessing it is approximately 3-5 years old.  I do not know if it is male or female.

I have been feeding it and setting up a card board box for it to sleep in on these cold damp nights on my porch.  I cannot take this little guy/girl in because I already have a very jealous cat, Molly who would never permit this without a fight.

Please, please if you would like to adopt this friendly cat or know of someone who needs the companionship of a loving animal please let me know.  The weather is getting nasty out there and will only get worse.  This cat likes to be able to go outside and then returns home so it will need a home where the community permits pets to be outside.  The community I reside in does not permit this at all.  I have attached a picture of it for you to view.  It is not a very good one as he/she would not lay still long enough for a photo session.  Let me know if you or someone you know would be interested.

Is your home in need of a big friendly black cat with amber eyes?

Amber Midnight lives near me in Carnegie, near Pittsburgh, PA. Please contact me by commenting on this blog and I will get the message to Shirley. Amber Midnight looks like an exceptional kitty and would make a wonderful companion.


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One Comment on “Amber Midnight Needs a Home”

  1. Dianda says:

    I wish I lived closer by. 😦
    I hope he gets a great new home with people who love him.

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