That Does It!

sepia photo of two black cats fighting

That does it!

“That does it! That’s the last time you call me Fatso!”


“Shut up!”


“I’m gonna kill you!”


“You’re dead now, Giuseppe!”


“Your face is gonna be all over that wall!”


[Voice of Mom] “Don’t make me come over there boys.”


“You’re not gonna live to see that fancy French girlfriend of yours!”

“Don’t you talk about Mlle. like that!”

“Ha! You think you’re so tough! Now you’re all wimpy about a g-i-i-r-r-r-l!”

“You say her name and I’ll put you through that wall!”

“You’re all talk, Giuseppe, just wait till she finds that out!”

[Voice of Mom] “I need to make a phone call, boys, let’s kiss and make up.”


Giuseppe and Jelly Bean in another morning wrestling match. They’re never at it for long. I’m not sure how they got over this one, but before I knew it they were bathing each other again.

Of course, I had to edit the content of their argument for general readership.

Here’s another round of their daily wrestling match: I Knight Thee…


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10 Comments on “That Does It!”

  1. Look who is on Santa’s Naughty List! We have nightly WWW-type wrestling matches with Odin and Domino which are looking supiciously more and more choreographed.

    • animalartist says:

      Layla, it’s as badly staged as the worst studio wrestling! They get each other in a headlock and then bath each other. How serious is that? I’ll bet Odin is THRILLED to have his buddy inside!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Oh that’s so cat! They’re all mouth and furballs 🙂

  3. rumpydog says:

    Those happen here too…. used to be June Buggie and Bubba but now it’s usually Graybie Baby and Bubba. And Bubba is SOOOO dramatical! He screams like a girl! *rolls eyes*

  4. Mlle Daisy Marguerite says:

    Giuseppe, You have defended my honour once again.
    Merci, mon cher.

    • A gentleman has no greater duty than to defend the honor of his lady, mio amore, never fear for your reputation as long as I live. Je t’aime ma chere, my most beautiful ebony princess.

  5. Mark says:

    Guys, please! Not on Christmas!

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