Daily Sketch: Colorful Cuddle Puddle

Three cats together in three colors

Colorful Cuddle Puddle, colored pencil © B.E. Kazmarski

Mewsette,  Mr. Sunshine and Giuseppe cuddle on the floor of my studio. It’s hard enough to distinguish them in real life, let alone in a sketch, so I did each of them in a different color. The colors relate to something from when they were kittens—they were all so much alike, aside from Jelly Bean with his white spots, and I felt the need to tell them apart, so I added a fingerprint of tempera paint to their left ear, one color per kitten, the same every day. Mewsette was the red kitty by default, Mr. Sunshine was the yellow kitty for obvious reasons, and Giuseppe was by chance the green kitty though this resulted in his full name, Giuseppe Verdi, opera composer, or Joe Green in English. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a good golden yellow deep enough to carry a drawing, so I used turquoise for Mr. Sunshine for this one.

I’m glad I did two sketches today. I had initially done a little watercolor but it was neither scanning nor photographing well so it will have to wait for tomorrow or another day.


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3 Comments on “Daily Sketch: Colorful Cuddle Puddle”

  1. […] is the other sketch from yesterday, a pencil with watercolor, following the color cues from yesterday’s colored pencil sketch with Mr. Sunshine in blue and Giuseppe in green as per their “kitten colors”. I find I […]

  2. Carolyn says:

    I like the concept very much 🙂

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