Cookie’s Biggest Fan: From A Year Ago Today

tortoiseshell and black cat

Mewsette Guards Cookie

Yes, the “big little sister” began her guardianship of Cookie last year and still takes care of her.

Has Mewsette adopted Cookie?

I’ve often noticed Mewsette being near Cookie, sitting, sleeping, bathing, sometimes trying to do a gentle nuzzle or head-butt which is summarily rebuffed by Cookie. However, I’ve lately seen Mousse cuddling with or near Cookie—after she’s fallen asleep, of course!

Perhaps like Giuseppe in the way he adopted Peaches years ago, cuddling, keeping her warm, giving her his youthful energy, Mewsette will finally have her way with Cookie. Cookie couldn’t ask for a nicer understudy in Mewsette, big, strong, quiet and sweet.


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4 Comments on “Cookie’s Biggest Fan: From A Year Ago Today”

  1. […] But with a tortie sister like Kelly who cares for her and a big little sister like Mewsette who gives her warmth and energy, she’s on her way. Here’s another photo of Mewsette guarding Cookie. […]

  2. […] slightly indisposed, Cookie apparently told Mewsette, her understudy, it was time to get to work and start monitoring me, and since yesterday morning Mewsette has been […]

  3. You’re right, Bernadette — there’s always an understudy, even if we don’t recognize him/her right away. Phoenix’s understudy was, as I am just realizing, Magwitch, our 2-year-old Snowshoe Siamese-cross. I always think of it as a passing on of the catnip mouse. Maybe it’s a time-honored ritual within the Tribe of Tiger. Or maybe our cats know how much we humans need the continuity, and they charge a younger feline with looking out for us.

    • animalartist says:

      Tammy, I’m sure you’ve seen this plenty of times, and I think with cats who live with us it is a tradition as much being passed down from the elders as being copied by the youngers who want to be part of that long-term love.

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