Happy New Year with Sparklies: From A Year Ago

black cat with fuzzy crocheted collar

A sparkly new year's wish for everyone!

Because we’ve been preoccupied with Cookie, we couldn’t create a new year wish for you, but Mewsette was so beautiful in her photo shoot last year she deserves another year of greeting our readers!

On behalf of my household of kitties, Mewsette wishes you and yours a happy new year!

black cat with crocheted collar

Faraway Expression (I'd rather be birdwatching than wearing this thing around my neck).

She’s modeling my latest crochet scarf with vintage pin, and the little sparks of color and the shape of the pin brought to mind fireworks. She has the greenest eyes of the group, too, and I wanted to highlight that with the background.

black cat with crocheted collar and vintage pin

Mewsette Coquette (are you actually going to give me that treat or just wave it so I'll look at it?)

I’ve never been one to dress up my cats, but I’ve been handling Mewsette and her brothers since they were three days old and somehow decorating this family of nearly solid black cats seems like the natural thing to do.

This extemporaneous photo shoot developed after I tried to photograph the scarf but certain kitties decided it was meant to be a toy—I have to admit they have a few toys that resemble this—and in the ensuing activity someone ended up wearing it.

And they tolerate it, in part because they inherited their mom’s sweet personality and are the nicest family of kitties I’ve ever known (in a lifetime of kitties), and perhaps also because I’ve been handling them all their lives. They put up with a lot of stuff from me, but of course, the benefits are many.

black cat with crocheted collar and vintage pin

Dignified (I'm just letting you know that I'd done with this thing around my neck now).

They are now three years old, so it’s time to put them to work!

I think Mewsette has a true career as a model—I’ve included a few more shots from this session along with Mewsette’s comments.

Her brothers were spared the indignity of having to wear this thing, but their day will come.

It’s a little difficult to tell, but I’ve included the extra space on the right of this last photo so you might see how l-o-o-n-n-g Mewsette’s whiskers are.

I hope your 2011 begins on a bright note with colors, smiles, purrs and happiness, and continues to become more beautiful every day!


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17 Comments on “Happy New Year with Sparklies: From A Year Ago”

  1. dru says:

    she’s just gorgeous….i had a solid black cat~Isis~who, sadly, was killed in a fire. both she n i were caught in an aparment fire. i was badly burned up n down my left side n Isis didn’t make it…i don’t think i’ll ever forget her………..i do not, however, remember the fire….

    • animalartist says:

      Dru, I’m so sorry for your loss, especially like that. Fire is actually one of my biggest fears where my cats are concerned, especially when I had several who were timid and tended to hide and I knew I’d never catch them. I’m really glad you don’t remember the fire and I hope you aren’t too badly scarred, at least physically. But I do hope some day you find another Isis.

  2. i love love love love love that scarf (and the model of course!).
    I hope Cookie is doing OK? I’m very behind in my blog reading!

  3. Mewsette is stunning, and I love those long whiskers! Happy New Year to you and the kitties!

  4. Wazeau says:

    Wonderful photos and love the scarf! Happy New Year to you and yours! So happy I found your blog and looking forward to many more posts!

  5. Pawsome….I like that. And I think Mewsette looks fantastic in her sparkly scarf and vintage pin — not all cats could pull it off —

  6. Linda Chapman says:

    She is simply, “pawsome!” What a sweetie she is!

  7. Denise says:

    Such a pretty girl!

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