A Nice Quiet New Year: From A Year Ago Today

seven cats in the kitchen

All seven in the kitchen.

This actually was from January 2, 2011, and you can see it took two black cats to get the crochet bag away from Cookie! But I love photos of all seven together; I as, at one point, sitting at the table.

It started out as me and Kelly and Cookie, and one or two at a time the family decided to join us after dinner, so we had a nice New Year night all together at the table.

Kelly is at the water bowl, and on the table from the left is Jelly Bean, whose butt is the only thing showing, Cookie, behind her is Mewsette in profile, next to her is Mr. Sunshine, and in the crochet bag sitting up looking at Sunshine is Mimi, lying down in the bag is Giuseppe.

Mimi hopped into the crochet bag when Cookie hopped out to get a drink of water, and Giuseppe, ever the mama’s boy, joined her in there. Mewsette came to hang with me and Cookie and Kelly who were fussing with my crochet project. Jelly Bean felt left out so he wandered around and finally settled on the crochet project as well when Kelly went to get a drink of water. I had been sitting in the chair just behind Cookie and JB.

I had actually finished this scarf and it’s going to a feline-loving friend who will probably not notice a few spare cat hairs!

Here they are from the other angle, which is what I saw before I decided to get up to take the photo.

seven cats in the kitchen

Seven cats from the other angle.

I love it when they all settle around me, but this has been a novelty in my years of living with cats. It’s mostly because five of them are related and often do things all together, while Cookie and Kelly are usually with me. When Dickie and Peaches were here they added to the fun, though I never managed to get a photo of all nine together.

If I need for them to move I actually get up and walk away and one or two will follow. Believe it or not, there are times when I need for them to move.


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5 Comments on “A Nice Quiet New Year: From A Year Ago Today”

  1. […] kitchen after dinner to crochet or read with all the cats around, where you see so many photos of her interacting with my crochet materials; visiting the deck and back yard each morning regardless of weather to feed the birds, drink coffee […]

  2. Now that’s a clowder of of kitties! So sweet seeing them together .

  3. Wazeau says:

    Its your lovely group shots like these that make me start itching to visit the shelter. But no, I will control myself!

  4. Karen says:

    What great pictures! I love it when mine are all together too but it only happens on 2 occasions: I open a can of soft food (they mainly get only dry) and they all want the first spoonful or, when the sun is shining on my bed and they are all on it in sunny spots sleeping. Other than that, they are usually in small groups that change all the time.

    Happy New Year Bernadette, your kitties are lucky to have you in their lives!

  5. wow…this reminds me of my house in so many ways….My 5 M-cats follow me too…hard to find a moment when they can all fit in a picture!

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