Daily Sketch: Curving Bath Cat

ink sketch of cat bathing

Curving Bath Cat, ink marker © B.E. Kazmarski

If you remember playing jump rope, and you would watch the rope swinging round and round, moving your head and hands up and down and making little false leaps until you felt you had the rhythm and could jump in without getting smacked with quickly-swinging rope, then that might describe me swinging my gaze and pen up and down over my paper, almost touching the pen to it but stopping at the last moment as I followed Mewsette’s vigorous bath, not a special bath, just an everyday 4:00 p.m. bath, a little clean-up before tea. I finally did touch the pen to the paper, and then it was a race to the finish before she started on her other shoulder.

This sketch is in that brush-tip marker again, but instead of sketching sleeping cats with it—way too easy, ha!—I thought I’d try to capture that graceful curve of a cat having a bath which I love so much; you’ve seen it here before in sketches and a sculpture based on a very old sketch. Guess I never get tired of certain themes, just as I never get tired of living with cats.


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One Comment on “Daily Sketch: Curving Bath Cat”

  1. Denise says:

    Elegant — both Mewsette and the sketch.

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