Pensive Kelly

tortoiseshell cat in front of window

Kelly ponders things by her favorite window.

Kelly’s tiny little face rests in deep thought as she sits in front of her favorite window on a winter afternoon.

I always associate this window with Kelly, even though she also spends time on the bathroom windowsill and the casement at the top of the stairs, and this year decided to visit my studio as I was working in there.

But since she began mingling with the house she’s been devoted to this side window with the bird feeders right outside and the lilacs  where the birds perch and the butterflies visit. She was such an inspiration at this side window that I’ve done two pieces of artwork featuring her here.

Winter Window

I painted this in 2002 as a quick pastel while little Kelly was, again, pondering in front of the big north window on a winter afternoon.

pastel painting of a cat looking out a window

Winter Window, pastel © B.E. Kazmarski

Kelly pauses in the stark pastel light of a winter afternoon through the big north window in my studio, absolutely still in contemplation as she watches birds flit about at the feeders or Buddy the squirrel making a fool of himself. Kelly is petite for an adult cat, making the window seem vast, and the light is so diffuse that nothing has a hard edge. It is a scene I remember even in the heat of summer.

It’s available matted and framed in my Etsy shop.

Kelly’s Morning Bath

And, of course, there’s Kelly at her morning bath.

linoleum block print of cat bathing

Kelly's Morning Bath 1, linoleum block print © B.E. Kazmarski

Kelly gives herself a complete bath every morning after breakfast on the table in front of the window in my studio, her every move full of purpose and industry.

This print captures an autumn morning, when the leaves on my maple trees have colored and filter the sun, speckling the table with splashes of sun and shadow. I print this on various types of rice paper with leaves or flower parts embedded in shades of yellow, green or warm brown. You can always find a print or two in my Etsy shop.


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Art Critics:From A Year Ago

two black cats looking at painting

Art Critics

I was out with a project nearly all day yesterday and ran out of time to post this one from last January 7, but it’s one of my favorites. Remember, Mr. Sunshine is my art critic!

Look, mom put a new painting up on the easel.

I don’t think I like this one. It’s just not detailed enough. I don’t like those “fuzzy” landscapes.

It’s water, goof, not a landscape. When did she go there?

How do you know it’s water? You’ve never seen anything like that.

I look at the internet with mom, and I’ve seen her other paintings. This is her style. Look at the way she worked these waves here, colors you’d never imagine were in water.

Well, it’s boring to me. I like real places where I can see all the details, like that one up there of the bare cherry tree that’s right outside this window.

Don’t you have any imagination? You can see that all the time! Look, squint your eyes and then look at it, you’ll be surprised at what you see.

Well, it looks a little more detailed this way, but I’d like it better if it at least had a cat in it somewhere. Maybe a bird. How can I relate to this?

Look, Mister Sunshine, the world doesn’t revolve around you and what you like. Don’t you want to learn about new things? Doesn’t this make you want to go and see this for real?

I’d rather look out the window and see what’s really real. You think you’re so smart, Giuseppe.

You’re a waste of good black cat fur.

I just like to give you a hard time. You know I don’t mean it. I don’t like this one as much as mom’s other paintings, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it at all.

Well, what do you like?

I like to look at other animals, especially cats. I’m an animal, I like to look at other animals, what do you expect? And I like the outdoors, like the backyard. I like what’s familiar. What do you like?

Well, I like those things too, but this is really eye-catching, I could look at it all day.

You know what I like about it?

No, what?

Our mom did it.

Yeah, sometimes that’s all it takes.

This conversation between Mr. Sunshine and Giuseppe is patterned after a conversation I overheard between two men looking at art hung in a gallery in an office building lobby.

Daily Sketch: Mr. Sunshine Wants to be Sketched

pencil sketch of cat

Mr. Sunshine Wants to be Sketched

Perhaps thinking that others are sketched more often, Mr. Sunshine moved in front of me as I began to sketch his brother and sister. I asked if he would please move, but he just continued to look at me. I asked if he could do something more interesting than just look at me somewhat annoyed so his sketch could be more interesting, but he just continued to look at me. So I sketched him. And then he curled on my lap and had a nap.

Not sure what that was all about, but who am I to try to tell a cat what to do?


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An Update on Dorothy’s Pets: A Final Wish

five animals

Lilibel, Sylvester, Mickey, Barney and Petey are looking for homes.

Melanie posted a detailed update on Dorothy’s pets on the original story, A Final Wish. I’ve left the comment there and also made a new post of it just to make sure it gets the most circulation possible. Her comment is immediately below, then the original story’s text with links to the original story and updates so you can read all the wonderful comments from people all over the world.

Latest Update:

photo of dog on bed


Petey was about to be taken to a shelter today, but just in time, an incredible foster home came through. Petey is now listed with Animal Advocates  and is the featured dog on their web site.

I want to thank Patty Murphy and the wonderful people that offered to foster Petey until a permanent home can be found. If anyone is interested in Petey or know of someone that can provide the loving and disciplined home Petey needs his postings can be located here:

photo of dog on floor


Barney is starting to show his age more. I think it’s possible that he may not be with us long enough to see a new home. His potential adopter is very understanding and patient regarding the situation.

To date we don’t have any adopters for any of the cats.

Dorothy is still hanging in there. Her short term memory continues to get worse as well as her breathing. I think everyone is surprised though at how she is still really fighting this cancer as it has spread through her lungs, brain, and now liver. She’s truly sticking around to make sure her pets are found great homes.

To date we have raised $370.00 through the Chip In site. I would really like to be able to get Sylvester’s medical care taken care of so we could really use more traffic to the Chip In site.

photo of long-haired cat under bed


Right now Sylvester has a very large wound on his neck from scratching and his poor bum area is raw from him biting at it. I need to get him more comfortable, but I cannot afford his care and Dorothy’s funds are currently wrapped up in paying for her hospice care and medical treatment. Any help would really be incredible. Also I would love to see Animal Advocates get some donations for really stepping up and going out of their way to help us with Petey. I’m going to make a donation to them once I have Dorothy’s pets settled and their medical expenses taken care of.

The word about Dorothy’s pets spread quickly and nationally. I want to thank everyone who forwarded my plea and donated to the Chip In. It’s been wonderful to receive so much support. Things have really died down and I still need homes for the Lilibel, Mickey,and Sylvester. If anyone has any suggestions to help me get the cats into loving homes, please let me know. I have sent many e-mails and left many voice mails with cat groups that I am comfortable working with, but so far I have not received any responses.

Once again, thank you to all that have helped so far. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.


Here’s the original story…

In our rambles finding our forever pets, we’ve all encountered a lifelong animal rescuer, an individual so dedicated to capturing animals and making them well and whole that their life story is wrapped around with all the animals they saved. Such is Dorothy, who has saved and nurtured probably more animals than she can remember.

And in these extended families of rescued animals are always those who stayed with the rescuer because they were difficult to adopt with extreme or complicated medical needs, behavioral issues resulting from abuse or simply a personality that didn’t quite fit into another household. A rescuer like Dorothy would simply keep them on and care for them for the rest of their lives.

Dorothy has tragically developed brain cancer and is very near the end of the time she’ll be able to care for the five animals who still live with her, and as her final wish for their welfare she’d love to know they are in loving homes before she succumbs to her condition. If you can foster or adopt, or know of a rescue or shelter that has room for any of these special needs cats or dogs, Dorothy’s friend Melanie is the contact person whose information is at the bottom. Please share this as far as you can and hope that Lilibel, Mickey, Sylvester, Barney and Petey can find homes as nurturing as Dorothy’s.

From Melanie

My dear friend is nearing the end of her life due to cancer. She has 5 great pets that need re-homed soon. Dorothy would like to continue to care for her pets until she is too ill to do so. This could be a couple of weeks to another month or so. Dorothy has been a rescuer and friend to the underdog for most of her life. She is really trying to hang in there to make sure her pets find great new homes. I hope you can help make her final wish come true.

photo of white cat


This gem is Lilibel. Lilibel is approx. 11-12 years old.

photo of white cat


She was declawed by her previous owners. Lilibel tends to be a wall flower, but will come around to make herself known now and then. She is super sweet and cuddly with Dorothy, but takes her time warming up to strangers. Lilibel has an eye condition called chorioretinal scarring, but she is not blind from the condition. She also carries the feline herpes virus, but is managed well with Lysine.

photo of orange cat


This orange cutie is my absolute favorite cat! His name is Mickey. Mickey is approx. 12 years old and is just as sweet as can be. He loves cuddle. You can hold him like a baby and he’ll stay like that forever. He’s the sweetest cat I’ve ever met. Everyone loves Mickey. He’s just that cool.

photo of orange cat


When Mickey was younger he suffered from a urinary blockage. Since then he’s had a couple of surgeries to remove scar tissue from his bladder. This has caused chronic inflammation of the bladder and unfortunately does suffer from inappropriate urination. Some of this could be behavioral, but it’s mostly a medical issue. This could probably be controlled with the appropriate medications. He needs someone that is understanding and willing to work with him regarding this issue.

photo of long-haired cat under bed


This is Sylvester. He’s approx. 5 years old. Sylvester suffers from allergic dermatitis and he had severe skin wounds when he was found. He allowed Dorothy to bathe him and bandage him. He is so patient and gentle. He really trusts Dorothy and is very close to her. He is extremely sweet, but needs time to trust someone new. I pet sat for Dorothy once while she was in the hospital. Sylvester hid most of the evening, but I woke up on the couch with him sleeping on my chest. Sylvester still has skin wounds from his allergies. Sylvester was under the care of a dermatologist at PVSEC and needs to continue care with them.

photo of dog on floor


Barney is 15 and has Cushings, seizures, and cancer. He is really looking for hospice care.

photo of dog


Even though Barney has these health issues, he is still full of life. Barney loves going on walks, acts like a puppy when it’s time for “cookies”, and loves a good butt scratch. He’s a scraggle-butt cutie that still has a lot of fun left in him.

photo of dog on bed


This little guy is Petey. Petey is about 3-4 years old. He’s a Jack Russell mix so Petey will require a home that can run him and wear him out. Petey requires a lot of attention and wants to be close all of the time. Dorothy is his third home.

photo of dog


Sadly, Petey may have been abused in his past. He required hip surgery on both hips because he “fell down the steps” in his last home. Though Petey went through a lot before getting to Dorothy, he is a snuggle bug and is incredibly sweet. Petey does need an alpha owner. He is very submissive with me and my husband, but tends to be more pushy with Dorothy. Since Dorothy has become more ill and has not been able to provide Petey with the exercise outlet he requires, he has become frustrated and has be-gun to take it out on the other animals in the home even though he’s lived with them for 2 years. Dorothy is ok with having Petey re-homed sooner rather than later because she realizes that he needs more than she can provide him in her current condition.

Download the flyer and send it in e-mail

Melanie made up a flyer to distribute so you can share it as an e-mail attachment or print it out and post it.

Contact Melanie

These guys currently live in Baden, PA. If you are interested in adopting one of these cool critters, Melanie will take them to the vet to receive an exam and if necessary update their vaccines prior to adoption. You can e-mail Melanie.

Chipin for Dorothy’s Pets: A Final Wish

A Final Wish