Daily Sketch: Sleeping

charcoal sketch of cat sleeping

Sleeping, vine charcoal © B.E. Kazmarski

Mewsette curls up for a nap under the kitty keep-warm lights at the desk in my office downstairs.

No more full coverage with the charcoal, just good, heavy lines with lots of variation in shape and opacity to help describe both Mewsette’s outline and dimensional shape.

My cats and I are creatures of habit, but of evolving habits. For days my cats had been crowding under the kitty keep-warm lamps but have been slowly losing interest and only Mewsette remains to act as feline paperweight on my desk. At the same time I have been exploring my piece of vine charcoal with their outlines and shapes, fur and eyes and paws, working with different techniques every day; their shapes and the density of the shadows under the high-intensity lamps inspired this exploration. We work together on these things, but I am feeling we are all ready to move on to new media, and they to a new heat source.


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4 Comments on “Daily Sketch: Sleeping”

  1. It’s beautiful, Bernadette. Really special! And it reminded me of little Mai Tai sleeping in the banana basket. Take a look… http://taildom.com/blog/pictures/cats-can-sleep-anywhere-mai-tai/

    He’s lovely, isn’t he? He’s my friends Marise’s cat. 🙂

  2. Susan Stoltz says:

    Well, for a while there, you had perfect models with perfect lighting! I love how much you get across with simple charcoal lines.

    • animalartist says:

      Susan, those simple ones are the biggest challenge, and I don’t erase, though I sometimes start over if they suddenly move and I can’t finish or I feel my initial lines have gone wrong and I can’t make something of it. I’ll have perfect models again, in some other room!

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