Mewsette’s Turn to Supervise

black cat looking at computer screen

Mewsette supervises my post of her image.

Mewsette kept a close eye on my work the other day as I posted this sketch that featured her. I wrote in my post:

Right now, Mewsette is watching me compose this post. I wonder what she’s thinking.

I’m thinking that I can’t see fully half of my monitor.

Then I added:

But one of the things I’ve always liked about painting animals is that they never tell me what I’ve painted doesn’t look like them. I don’t take this to mean they like it, though.

black cat looking at sketch on computer

Mewsette studies the sketch.

Not sure where Mewsette’s opinion fell on this sketch; she is universally pleasant, though I don’t think she’d hesitate to tell the truth in order to spare my feelings.

She continued watching with the same relaxed interest. Look closely at the text in the photo.

cat looking at computer

Mewsette watches me type a line about her.

“Mewsette is watching what I type as I type it.”

Some days I get the feeling they think what I do is pure drivel.

Perhaps I should be just a little afraid.


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4 Comments on “Mewsette’s Turn to Supervise”

  1. Wazeau says:

    You need to find her blog and see what she has posted about you!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Just a little afraid, but not very afraid! lol. I get that impression too from cats. They are so superior in every way 🙂

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