Feline Illusion

black cats by door in sun

A Feline Illusion

Has Mr. Sunshine literally gone over to the dark side?

Yes! The dark side apparently isn’t so bad, a little sun, nice and warm and soft. Giuseppe and Mimi are taking up the sunny side of the door while Mr. Sunshine decided to move to the other side where all the rugs are piled which I use to help insulate the storm door.

I actually thought I was seeing some sort of a reflection at first since the boys are in nearly exactly the same position, even with light hitting them in the same places. I’d say they are messing with my head, but absorbing the sun is much more important than that.

Not surprising they look so much alike. They are very closely related after all.


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4 Comments on “Feline Illusion”

  1. rumpydog says:

    Hi kitties! I sure hope you’re not mean like June Buggie is!

  2. They are soul brothers!

    • animalartist says:

      And blood brothers! It’s so funny how I look at them all the time with an eye for shape and form, and yet a photo like this shows the near exact similarity in their ears and the backs of their heads, down to the little divot down the backs of their necks! That’s what got me when I saw them–Giuseppe is not built at all like the others and has a very Oriental face and he’s very sleek, where Mr. Sunshine’s face is round and plushy, yet they look like mirror images!

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