Pretty Pleeeeze…? From A Year Ago

two black cats in green sink

Mr. Sunshine turns on the charm

Mr. Sunshine will try every charming approach to get what he wants, and right now he wants a drink of water from the bathroom faucet. Who could resist? He has the most classically beautiful face of all four of his siblings, the nice wedge shape from his chin to his ears, exotic slanted yellow eyes and long, long straight whiskers and he’s the most curvy, and he knows if he catches me just right I’ll have a hard time turning away.

Jelly Bean is in the background, taking a break from his charming routine while Mr. Sunshine works. After all, you can’t go wrong if you just sit in the sink and keep your nose right under the faucet.

I do turn the faucet on for them every day, though I make sure they also drink from the water bowls around the house. Still, a stainless fountain may be in their future.

6 Comments on “Pretty Pleeeeze…? From A Year Ago”

  1. Carolyn says:

    He knows how to do charm! 🙂

  2. Wazeau says:

    Very cute,he is working it! I love my cat fountain though. No more sink requests at all.

  3. Susan Stoltz says:

    That look from Mr. Sunshine will get him anything he ever wants – what a beautiful, soulful face! I get the same thing with the cat in the sink staring at the faucet. They much prefer that to the filtered water in their bowls. I’m looking into a fountain too.

    • animalartist says:

      Susan, Mr. Sunshine saves is soulful looks for when they are most effective, not like JB who is just cute all the time. But if I got a fountain, I think I’d miss the daily rituals all the way from the kitchen to the bathroom. They’ll have to wait until I’m ready!

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