Who’s Been Sleeping in My Drawer?

black cat in drawer

JB innocently settles into the drawer.

I’m so glad you opened this drawer to put away your underwear. It’s just the perfect size for me!

Jelly Bean looks as if it took him a while to settle as comfortably into the drawer as you see, but it really only took seconds as I turned around to pick up the pile of folded underwear. You’d think I’d learn after Mr. Sunshine occupied the drawer a few weeks ago.

But Mr. Sunshine didn’t for get he had first right of refusal to the drawer since he was the first cat to discover it.

two black cats in drawer

Mr. Sunshine is a little miffed that someone stole his drawer.

The two could not fit in the drawer together, but I turned around to put down my underwear and do something else until they were done with the drawer. When I turned around again the scene had changed.

black cat in drawer

Giuseppe wins the drawer.

In the end, it was Giuseppe in the drawer. How did that happen?!

When Mr. Sunshine is in his magic drawer, he cannot be seen and does not hear earthly commands, such as, “Get out of the drawer,  I opened it to put away my clean, folded underwear. I’d like to put down this stack of underwear now. Please get out of the drawer.”


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4 Comments on “Who’s Been Sleeping in My Drawer?”

  1. Carolyn says:

    The draw of the drawer! A kitty paradise .. especially on underwear!

  2. rumpydog says:

    My cats do that too!!!!!

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