Cookie Says, “Thank You!”

tortoiseshell cat at window

Someone has to keep an eye on things out there.

“All your good thoughts made their way to me and I feel much better. I’m back to keeping an eye on the neighborhood.”

It has to be that, I only changed a few things for her and today she is stronger and more interactive, still a little unsteady but definitely a different cat from yesterday. I might fool myself to think it might be a bit of a turnaround, but I just don’t get the feeling Cookie is ready to give in.

She got up on the shelf on her own but climbing up my camera bag and purse to my lap, to the keyboard tray to my desk to the shelf in front of the window. She’s gotten up and down the steps, and up on the kitchen table to get to the cabinet, which she couldn’t do for a few days.

And Kelly is feeling a little better, no longer spending the day in Narnia in the back of the closet, so today I had the pleasure of two tortie cats on my lap again as I worked at my computer.

two tortoiseshell cats on lap

Cookie and Kelly settle on my lap again.

Mewsette takes her responsibility seriously and tries to fit on my lap with the girls; she thinks she is tortie-sized, but she is easily twice tortie-sized. Initially, Mimi was balanced on my knee cap, and Mewsette was trying to settle, four cats on my lap. My lap is really not that big.

black cats and two tortoiseshell cats

Mewsette tries to figure out where she fits.

Persistent Mewsette finds a way to nuzzle and give a few licks to her little big sisters. Here is Cookie from the front and Kelly’s rear, and you can see the white inside of Mewsette’s ear just above Cookie’s ear.

black cat washing two tortie cats

Mewsette takes care of her little tortoiseshell big sisters.

I am just a big warm cat bed.


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12 Comments on “Cookie Says, “Thank You!””

  1. […] Sisters and Copy Cats, and cuddling with her when she wasn’t feeling well: A Loyal Sister and Cookie Says Thank You. Cookie did grow to appreciate big, warm, soft Mewsette, as seen in Cookie’s […]

  2. Susan Mullen says:

    Thanks so much for the good news, Bernadette! And for the great photos.

  3. LOL…great way to start the day…buried in cats:)

  4. Lovely to hear about Cookie, Bernadette. And ask Kelly exactly how she makes it into Narnia — I’ve been trying to do that for years. Maybe she has her own Very Important Cat pass.

  5. CATachreis says:

    Nothing like a warm lap for cosy cat comfort. Glad Cookie is doing better 🙂

  6. Denise says:

    And what could be nicer than to be a big warm cat bed?

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