Winter Pet Safety

two cats curled together

Karen's Tasha and Keegan enjoy the furnace vent © Karen Sable

by Karen  Sable, Guest Columnist

Winter is upon us and, while Western Pennsylvania has so far been spared any brutally cold weather or major blizzards, we know our luck can’t last, and that another “Snowmaggedon” could be just around the corner. In my last article I talked about some of the holiday hazards our pets can encounter. While the holidays have passed, the winter season itself requires some common sense precautions to help keep our furry family members healthy and safe.

Not all pets are “winter hardy”

It’s an unfortunate misconception that cats and dogs are equipped to handle the cold weather because they have fur. The truth is, unless your pet is well adapted to living outdoors, the cold weather can be just as hard on them as it is on us. If your pet normally only leaves the comfort of your home just long enough for a walk or some play time, they are not adapted to spending extended periods of time outdoors, and can become victims of cold injuries just as easily as we can.

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