On a Rainy Afternoon: From A Year Ago Today

two cats on a pillow

On a Rainy Afternoon

Cookie and Mimi spend some cozy hours on the pile of pillows on my bed while the day fills with rain and fog outside the window.

I often think rescued kitties take a little time on bad weather days remembering the days before their rescue. I know Mimi does because this normally reticent kitty is suddenly following me around, loving on me, looking into my eyes and telling me stories. Cookie is not so obvious, but she thanks me pretty much all the time.

The photo was nearly colorless with the stark rain light, and there’s something about a contrasty image with overexposed highlights that just asks to be black and white, and so it is.


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3 Comments on “On a Rainy Afternoon: From A Year Ago Today”

  1. I agree too. The stray we took in a couple years ago seems to act the same way especially when he hears the coyotes howl in the night. There is nothing that seems to scare him more than that. Sometimes it’s so obvious when he is thanking us. He definitely gets more sleep these days and sleeps better at night too.

  2. CATachresis says:

    I often wonder if that is true. With Austin I have no idea how long he was a stray! But on bad weather days I’m just glad he’s safe and warm 🙂

  3. Thoughtful post, Bernadette. I agree with yout about rescued cats taking a little time out to remember the bad ol’ days when it’s raining or snowing. Our Tikvah came to us as a very sick stray one January, and whenever there was a thunderstorm, she’d get this faraway remembering look in her eyes. And in all the years she was with us, she only went out into our cat enclosure once; she came back in within a few minutes. The outdoors, her expression clearly said, were greatly overrrated.

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