We Miss You

six cats on desk

Six cats on desk.

I’ve appreciated each and every message and comment I’ve received in the past week while I’ve been busy healing. Of course, I’m up to my eyebrows in another creative endeavor, my best method of healing. Sometimes these creative projects mean going off for 40 days and 40 nights to work things out, but in this case it’s really only been about 4 days and 4 nights, so very soon I’ll have something new for you, and I’ll also be resuming my usual posts. I’ve let the Fantastic Four write this one for me, though. Until tomorrow…

We miss all the attention we got being stars on the internet, we miss being artist’s models, we miss our Bernadette mom’s busy schedule and her happy plans, even staying up all night with her to get things done. And we miss our sister Cookie. We always will, but we are ready to get back to inspiring our mom and entertaining and enlightening you because Cookie spent years showing us how. She’d be really mad if we didn’t do it right, roll her eyes and walk away with her tail flicking back and forth. Nothing can make a big cat feel really, really small like a little tortie cat just walking away, flicking her tail in disgust.

Cookie showed us a lot of cool stuff.

It’s almost a week since Cookie left us, and we have done our best to help our Bernadette mom feel better. Cookie taught us this too, and she’d be even more mad if we didn’t get this right. We spent a few days sitting around looking out the windows and sighing a lot. Cats are good at this, so we know we did this right. Jelly Bean sat on her and purred his most healing purr until he was exhausted. And Mewsette loved all over her with head butts to the face and a tail up the nose now and then and even slept under the covers with her a few nights.

We Four were with her every moment, all four of us, running up and down the stairs to show we were excited about whatever it was she wanted to do, rubbing all over her and being as cute as possible. We got a few smiles and lots of kisses. After a few days of this Bernadette mom got back to work and we could tell she felt a little better every day. Now she is on the trail of some new project that we know nothing about, but we can’t wait until it’s done because we know she’ll be really happy then.

two cats on desk

Kelly relaxing on the desk.

Kelly hasn’t been as frightened as she was, and instead of rolling up and hiding inside herself she’s been hanging out on the desk and following Bernadette mom around too. She still doesn’t understand that when we run up to her and smell her we just want to be friendly and help her feel better too, but we think there’s some hope, and we’ve all managed to hang out around the kitchen or the desk with some purrs and cuddling. We can’t even imagine how old Cookie was or how long she and Kelly were friends, and we don’t want to think about how it would feel to lose a friend like that.

two cats on a pillow

On a Rainy Afternoon, Cookie and Mimi

Our Mimi mom was very quiet and we didn’t see much of her. This was very puzzling—she’s our mom, and she always spends time cuddling and bathing with us every day, but she just seemed sad. We sat with her in front of the heater vent in the kitchen and bathed her, but she just curled up against us and slept, no baths for us or playtime. We knew she missed Cookie, but we just never knew how important Cookie was to her and that they had been good friends. To us, she’d always just been our mom and our friend.

black cat in yard

Mimi enjoys the morning.

Then one day Bernadette mom just picked her up and carried her outside and stood on the deck with her back to us, holding her. We don’t know what happened, but Mimi mom felt better when she came in, and so did Bernadette mom. The next morning Bernadette mom took all her stuff outside like she used to with Cookie, her bird seed and coffee and camera and hot water for the bird baths, then came back in and put something around Mimi mom’s neck, then unrolled a long thing and added that and out they went! They were on the deck for a while, then they disappeared out in the yard. They came back in and our Mimi mom was really happy and spent some time with us and followed Bernadette mom around, talking. We could tell this made her very happy, but we don’t get the “outside” thing. Now they do this every morning, and Mimi mom goes to the back door just like Cookie used to. They look at each other and blink their eyes. It’s okay, we Four have each other, and they can be friends.

four black cats on tables

We are ready to help our mom.

We’ve done our best to be the most inspiring models any animal artist has ever seen, and we know our Bernadette mom can’t go too long without sharing some of the photos and sketches she’s made.

And we can tell you that she read every single message everyone sent to her, more than once, and we can tell you they made her feel much, much better. We know this. We are cats. We sit on her. We can feel things people can’t. And we know our Bernadette mom. We were taught by the best. You will be hearing from her.

Cuddles and purrs,

The Fantastic Four


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