Go Toward the Light

black cat with stinkbug in light

Mewsette gently points out the stinkbug.

I did wonder why Mewsette was staring up at…I didn’t see anything to stare at in that direction, so I just thought she was doing the old cat-staring-at-the-wall trick and I wasn’t going to fall for it.

But then she sat up and one big paw started touching the lamp and there it was. Poor helpless human me, I couldn’t see the stinkbug in all the chaos of things in my studio, but I am truly grateful to Mewsette for pointing it out to me.

And don’t forget, the next time your cat is staring intently at a spot somewhere on the wall or ceiling…they may not be playing games, but could be alerting you to the invasion of a stinkbug.

black cat staring upward

Mewsette alerts me to...something.


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One Comment on “Go Toward the Light”

  1. CATachresis says:

    Stinkbugs are not very common around here, but Austin does look at something quite frequently that I can’t see. Freaks me out!

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