On The Box

four black cats on box

How many black cats can fit on the top of a box?

Any new item must be used in every way possible by every cat in the house. I’ve been moving boxes of merchandise around and everyone has been very busy.

Here Jelly Bean, Mr. Sunshine, Mimi, Mewsette settle on the top of this box and pose for a photo.

Then they start to shuffle around, Mewsette and Mr. Sunshine trap Mimi between them and give her a good bath. After all, their mom has dispensed with a lot of baths of them. Jelly Bean just waits for things to calm down.

two black cats bathe third

Mewsette and Mr. Sunshine trap Mimi between them for a bath.

Then finally they all settle in, and Mr. Sunshine becomes the communal pillow, looking very relaxed and comfortable about his role here. Jelly Bean is on the end, on top of Sunshine’s hips, Mimi and Mewsette are sitting being him and draped over him, kind of like little baby possums line up on their mother.

four black cats on box

Mimi and Mewsette use Mr. Sunshine as a pillow, and even Jelly Bean, that lump at the end.

I think Mewsette has the head-tilt cute-kitty slightly-sad-eyes down all the way.


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8 Comments on “On The Box”

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  2. sonia smart says:

    You are blessed indeed with 4 black cats. I have one, Bagheera and I love to just look at him, he’s so beautiful. My ten year old daughter live with 5 cats plus one that we feed. They keep us busy, happy and entertained.

    • animalartist says:

      Bagheera is a beautiful name! I’m sure you’re busy with them all, and they are happy you are taking care of them, though they act as if it’s their right…

  3. happycatgirl says:

    too cute! I really love the group posing.

  4. Wazeau says:

    Mewsette is definately working that cute angle!

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