March Catnip Chronicles

black and white photo of long-haired cat

Sophie in all her fuzzy glory.

You should be reading Catnip Chronicles every month already, but go and read the March issue featuring about two dozen articles of feline health and lifestyle and photos of lovely cats, and I’m always proud that there’s an article or two of mine published there.

Since Tuesday is the day I like to tell rescue stories on The Creative Cat about the fine felines who have shared my life, as well as those I’ve fostered and been friends with through my life, it’s really exciting that Sophie, my housewarming cat, is featured this month.

tortoiseshell cat looking through deck railing

Cookie in early December 2011, tired of having her photo taken.

And my precious Cookie is included in the Rainbow Bridge in this month’s issue as well. Her rescue story was featured last January, “Cookie and Me, Our 18th Anniversary”.

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2 Comments on “March Catnip Chronicles”

  1. Karen Lucas says:

    Do you know that I print out all of your stories about your wonderful kitties including this one and it made me wonder – do you plan to write a book about all of them, going back to the beginning, or have you already done that and i just don’t know it?

    • animalartist says:

      Karen, I had no idea! Thanks for telling me, it means the world to me. Funny, another reader just asked the same thing on another post…yes, I do plan on publishing these stories in many ways. I’ve been studying POD, e-books, audio books and I decided I’d just write and let it happen, figure illustrations out later.

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