Daily Sketch: Spring Birdwatching

colored pencil sketch of two cats looking out the window

Spring Birdwatching, colored pencil © B.E. Kazmarski

Green Giuseppe and orange Mr. Sunshine watch birds in the bare lilac and at the feeder just outside the window.

No watercolor pencil to fight with tonight, just colored pencil. The only way I could catch the two of them in the act with a sketch, especially one so detailed, is because they kept coming back to approximately the same place and the same position. I lightly sketched their positions the first time they were there, then added a little more each time they returned which made their shapes exaggerated in some areas, like Giuseppe’s tail but it works. They don’t have squiggles either, they just came out of my pencils.


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8 Comments on “Daily Sketch: Spring Birdwatching”

  1. yep! Just what I did this morning while I sat on my tower…gets me high enough to really watch the finches…and then…you won’t guess–well maybe you might…there was this humongous squirrel and he came right up to the window where I was just hanging out…grabbed a peanut and split…whew! that was a real rush! Love you cat art! Thanks tons, meowies furr hugs

  2. The Big Girl says:

    It is bird watching season in Hairball Alley, too. I have taken more photographs and sketched less, because of the movement that seems to come along with all of it. Thanks for filling us in with the details of your process. Helpful for a beginner, like myself!

    • animalartist says:

      I don’t know whether to sketch or photograph some days myself! In this case I decided rather than taking another dozen photos that look a lot like ones I took the day before and last year and so on, I’d sketch. Glad to share my process! It’s how I learned an awful lot myself, notes from other artists.

      • The Big Girl says:

        I agree…Somedays it the same 3 orange cats in the window…much is the same, but the the seasons turn into years..and the M-Cats are growing boys…so it’s nice to record those changes….

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