How to Subdue and Control Cats

four black cats on granny square afghan

A wool afghan on a chilly day works wonders for the Fantastic Four.

Toss a warm wool afghan on a nice soft bed on a chilly afternoon. Feline warmth and comfort radar will perceive it and soon all will be quiet and still.

This began when I made the bed and began to fold the afghan, the phone rang, I tossed the afghan on the bed and never came back to it. This sunny morning was beautiful and inspiring to lots of leaping and running and play by all the Fantastic Four and their mom, and a number of things landed on the floor that really weren’t to be there.

First Giuseppe was on the afghan when I went upstairs at one point, but the Fantastic Four also have radar for each other having found a comfortable spot. The next time I was upstairs I saw Mr. Sunshine had joined him, then Mewsette. Jelly Bean was hanging out with me being devilishly cute and puurrrry but soon he was drawn into the soporific settle.

When I entered the room to take photos, none of them even moved an ear to acknowledge me.

This old wool granny-square afghan, made by my mother, is a favorite and appears in other photos of cats spending time on the afghan on the bed on a winter afternoon. It’s always a sweet thing for me to see.


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7 Comments on “How to Subdue and Control Cats”

  1. ooohhh…I LOVE my blue popcorn knitted afghan! Mom has had it for about 40 years…but now its mine, mine, mine! Whoo Hooo! And Mom plays “mice in the bed” with me when I am on the afghan…she keeps it spread on our big bed just for me…way cool…thank for the great photo..paw pats to all

  2. Wazeau says:

    To be a part of that wonderful pile of cats, what a stress-reducing event that would be.

  3. The Big Girl says:

    How sweet….we have one of those granny afghans, handed down, made by a great aunt on my mothers side. The M-Cats have unraveled parts – Fatty has his own kneading time, with this blanket.

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