On St. Patrick’s Day, Drink Straight From the Tap

four black cats drinking from faucet

Have a drink with family and friends.

My traditional St. Patrick’s Day greeting!

Especially if you’re the Parched Puddies having your daily drink in the mint green sink! It’s Giuseppe, Jelly Bean, Mr. Sunshine and Mewsette. They’re not Irish and neither am I, but when you’re getting together with family and drinking from the tap in the presence of something green on St. Patrick’s Day…well, we non-Irish have to improvise.

I ran this last year on St. Patrick’s Day, but it’s still too good not to share again! All four do this every day—including this morning—in fact doing their best to lead me back upstairs after breakfast to turn the faucet on to a drip so they can drink. Just this morning the light was perfect* and all four were drinking at one time, plus you can actually see the faucet (a little) and tell it’s a sink. They’re pretty big and block a lot of the view.

Also enjoy an older gallery of the Fantastic Four plus Mimi and others in the green and white bathroom on my website.

*Photographing black cats in natural light is a trick, and many of the other photos I have of them drinking in the sink—or doing anything as a group, for that matter—often turns out as a black blob with eyes and ears if I’m not careful. It was often difficult to tell what was in the sink, let alone the number of cats.

But the sun was bright that day and reflected off the white walls in the bathroom and I finally captured one of my favorite moments with these four.


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6 Comments on “On St. Patrick’s Day, Drink Straight From the Tap”

  1. oh yeah…forgot about this totally fab photo…love those little black butts? Wish mine was as small..but Mom and Dad are helping me with my fitness recovery as well as my mental recovery..honestly, I’m not really “fat”…just a bit big boned (snicker) and a tad chunky…could stand to lose a pound or two…sigh, paw pats again, Savannah

    • animalartist says:

      Savannah, yes, cat butts! You’ve been a little frightened and probably not played very much. Someday you will and the weight will come off. You should try it–it’s quite fun!

  2. Ingrid King says:

    Wonderful photo! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  3. Kent Butler says:

    The togetherness your sleek beauties exhibit and obviously enjoy just amazes me! I enjoy seeing it.

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