lump under bed covers

Do you see a cat on this bed?

Do you see a cat on this bed?

I don’t see a cat on this bed.

I don’t see a cat at all.

But I do see a lump under the quilt.

Think I’ll go and give it a squeeze and see what happens.

(It was Giuseppe! He is famous for this, click here to see a few others.)


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16 Comments on “Undercover”

  1. Rayya says:

    Giuseppe sure would enjoy the hidey hold bed that wascreated by Snooza. http://www.snooza.com.au/index.php/snooza_store/enclosed-beds.html/

    • animalartist says:

      Dr. Rayya, I would never see them! I’ve found that anything intended for them has to be super heavy-duty–I had a nylon cube that lasted about three weeks, and a basket that nearly collapsed. They tend to sleep in multiples, sometimes all five in one pile, plus they wrestle with each other and chew on things.

      • Rayya says:

        Bernadette, I have never had 5 cats in my household and so didn’t realise kitty cats can be so destructive. The power of 5 sounds like trouble 🙂

        • animalartist says:

          Dr. Rayya I’ve had as many as nine, but never a group of siblings who chose to sleep in a big heap. Sometimes I don’t count them, I estimate the poundage. None of them is fat or even heavy, but there are four…

  2. Sharon says:

    That is so cute. But it brings tears to my eyes because my cat, TC, who is waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge, would do the same thing. Nothing could hurt her as long as she was under the bedspread. I could vacuum under the bed and she was safe. When the vents were being put in for the AC the noise and people didn’t bother her because she was safe. One time when she was very, very bad she hid there and I went to reprimand her, she started screaming because she thought nothing could get her there. I decided that she needed a place to hide when she felt threatened and did just walked away. I wish she was hiding under the bedspread now.

    • animalartist says:

      Sharon, I know how the memory can be full of tears of joy and sorry, and I’m so sorry you still miss TC. You were very wise to understand her need for a hiding place…even though we knew she wasn’t very well hidden, it was good enough for her. One of my paintings, “Waiting for Mom”, was bittersweet for me for a long time–the subject Fawn did that every day of her life, though I took the photo and did the painting when she was still a kitten. She only lived to be barely 10 and even though I’d been looking at that painting here for years I teared up after she died thinking how unfair it was. That was 13 years ago and it still happens. And sometimes I still see her under the bed when I go upstairs.

  3. CATachresis says:

    Undercover agent!

  4. MOL…my Mom says if only she could draw like you…she would have lots of same drawings of OTRB Boris…he LOVED being the “blanket cat”…always under any cover he could find. And when Mom or Dad touched him…he “chirped”..sooooo cute. Then when Boris passed OTRB…his sweet sister, my Mom and Dad’s last cat before me…anyways, Tasha became a “under the blanket cat” too! Probably late in life ‘cuz her ‘bro Boris always got there first…Tasha was so…….Mom misses her lots…gotta go….thanks

    • animalartist says:

      Savannah, they may be OTRB, but they are still with your people. I have more than a few OTRB kitties myself! And I’ll bet Tasha always wanted to be a blanket cat!

      • Yup! that’s what Mom says..Tasha always wanted to be…she was just too shy and probably scared like me…thanks so much for showing her, and me…what we can be like in future…and if you have time…look at me with my Dad…kind’a humiliating…buuuttt…he really likes to brush me and I like for him to do that too…paw hugs to all your cats..Savannah

        • animalartist says:

          Savannah, that’s how my Peaches was–before she came here and decided she’d have a new life! Her sister Cream (I gave them new names) was kind of a bully and I heard no one ever saw little Peach, but they were both 15 when they came here, Cream was in kidney failure, but Peach lived five more perfect years and did all the things she could never do before. If you search “Peaches” here you’ll find tons about her.

          We loved the brushing photos–very risque! And TS Eliot is my favorite poet!

  5. Susan Dykhuis says:

    I went looking for my Felix! Thought he got into your bed but thankfully, he is the lump under my covers.

  6. jadelyoness says:

    haha.. Love it. My cat does the same thing. Be looking all over the place for her, just to find out she has been under the covers on my daughter’s bed.

  7. The Big Girl says:


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