Daily Sketch: Kitty in Pink

cat sketch in pink

Kitty in Pink, marker © B.E. Kazmarski

Don’t know how Mr. Sunshine ended up with pink all over him today, but he was the model for this! A little spring fun with the brush markers and his curvy silhouette, but I had to capture his exotic slanted eyes.

I was photographing crabapple blossoms this morning. Surely all that pale and bright pink left an impression for the day.


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5 Comments on “Daily Sketch: Kitty in Pink”

  1. […] some such color denoting his name, ended up in hot pink! Yes, he too is dressed for Easter. See “Kitty in Pink”. And have a colorful Easter! Kitty in Pink, marker © B.E. […]

  2. lemniscate47 says:

    I Love this colourful sketch, Bernadette.
    Dear Mr Sunshine ‘In the Pink’ for this sunny Easter weekend.
    I only discovered You n your work.. artwork n rescue work.. last Sunday.
    Thank you making it all available.. it really cheered me through a difficult week.
    Nothing major, just Jimmy 7 months old now, fostered from 4 week feral kitten off to the cat sanctuary for re-homing on Tuesday + me miserable with toothache.
    It’s so soothing to experience such skills n to hear of good works.
    Your Daily Sketches are a Delight.
    Thank You, Bernadette
    I hope You n Yours have a Wonderful Easter Weekend.

    • animalartist says:

      I’m glad you like the sketch, and I’m pleased to meet you! I’m glad I could help you through some difficult kitty things. You can bet they help me through things as well, along with just making me happy to share pretty things and happy stories. Have a wonderful Easter, I’m sure they’ll find Jimmy a wonderful home and I hope that tooth clears up!

  3. Herman says:

    Pretty in Pink – ready for Easter!

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