Mimi on Deck

black cat on deck railing

The traditional first scratching spot.

Mimi has a good scratch on the traditional “first scratch” spot on the deck, after she has gone around and rubbed her nose on various things where she’s hard to photograph. I have a number of “rustic” things I’ve found at abandoned farms and such, and leave them with their original paint and weathered finish. This bench in the corner was always a hangout for kitties on the deck, and one of Cookie’s first places to scratch, bathe and sit.

Then she’s up on the railing, and she can’t figure out whether to run around and look at the yard or have a good scratch on the weathered wood.

black cat on deck railing

A good scratch in this direction.

Have you ever seen a kitty go this way and that way…

black cat on deck railing

A good scratch in that direction.

…and this way and that way…

black cat on deck railing

Mimi considers jumping down.

…and this way and that!

black cat on deck railing

Turns around and runs back to the corner.

And then she stands on the top step and sings a little bit. Mimi talks and sings in the way that Oriental breeds do, especially when she’s excited or conflicted, and she can’t walk and sing at the same time. Or perhaps she just doesn’t. Either way, she always stops walking and makes her speech, then goes on.

Mimi sings to the neighborhood from the top step.

Mimi sings to the neighborhood from the top step.

How many photos of Cookie do I have in that spot, ready to hurry down the steps to the yard? Mimi, however, is not so sure.

black cat on deck steps

That's as far as she got.

To my surprise, for the former outdoor girl, Mimi isn’t entirely comfortable with being outside. I had a collar and leash on her first and she was fine with it then suddenly seemed to fight it. Then I let go of the leash once and realized she felt unsafe out in the yard and the collar and leash kept her from running back to the deck. We heard the neighbor’s dog and she was back at the door, wanting inside. Not sure how this will work, but we do enjoy our time on the deck to feed birds and have coffee, well, I do that while Mimi runs around on the deck railing. A nice thing to do on a Sunday morning for a cat and a human.


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2 Comments on “Mimi on Deck”

  1. vscook says:

    It’s funny how former outdoor cats become uncomfortable being outside. Zelda is definitely an indoor cat now. She likes to sit on the deck but she does not go out in the yard, and she becomes very distressed if she cannot see me.

  2. Wazeau says:

    I love watching cats stretch and scratch like that, especially with beautiful black cats. The sun looks so warm in their fur.

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