Mom, I Want You to Know…

black cat looking serious

Giuseppe is serious about this.

“…I really did hear every word you said.

“I take it seriously when you talk to me, even if it doesn’t appear that I do.

“What you have to say is always of the utmost importance to me and to…uh…what’s his name, you know, my brother…that other cat who was here…

“I forget what I was going to say…

“We weren’t, like, it was just so warm and we were sleepy…

“…had nothing to do with that catnip candy cane…”

Under the influence, indeed. Giuseppe tries to make up for yesterday, failing miserably.

black cat with head tilted

Giuseppe...under the influence.


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5 Comments on “Mom, I Want You to Know…”

  1. CATachresis says:

    Ok, my heart melts every time Austin does that head on one side thing!!! I think they know lol

  2. My gosh! That’s a beautiful boy! Our black is a lovely, girly girl, very dainty (& somewhat tyrannical)

  3. Kimberly Helgeson says:


  4. The Big Girl says:

    that last expression is sooo cute:)

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