Pumpkin Pete Needs a New Human

photo of orange cat outdoors

Pumpkin Pete being his friendly self.

How can people do this?

orange cat

Pumpkin Pete wondering if you'd like him.

This poor guy (NEUTERED) was left behind by a sub-human when they moved away ! (people can be so mean) He has been living OUTSIDE for months, but remains extra-special friendly! He waits for me each day for his food & water.  He really-really-really NEEDS a person to call his own! 

I’ve named him Pumpkin Pete and he actually comes to the name! 🙂  He knows my car and comes running for his pets, hugs, belly rubs and food  LOL

 Does ANYONE out there have room in there heart/home for Pumpkin Pete ?

Pumpkin Pete lives in a parking lot near Pittsburgh, PA. You’d make an orange boy who is neutered and friendly very, very happy if you could take him in! Send an e-mail to the person who is caring for him.

orange cat

Pumpkin Pete getting ready for belly rubs.

Often, pets left behind, especially cats, become part of a stray and feral colony, and in fact that is often how some colonies seem to form. I know that many of the cats I’ve taken in from my neighborhood over the years were left behind by people who rented in residential homes turned into apartments on the street next to me. Often this was not intentional as I’ve returned cats who escaped during moving to their people, but there have also been the cats that people hadn’t wanted in the first place, like Sasha, a cat I took in then returned to his owner but should have known better, especially when she called to say she’d moved and left him on her front porch…

And with the housing crisis, the economy, jobs, income, sometimes people need to give up their pets to someone who may not be as committed as they were and the cat ends up outside; unfortunately, sometimes people just abandon them because they don’t know what else to do. We know better, but this is often how they end up.

Anybody out there for Pumpkin Pete? Send an e-mail to the person who is caring for him.


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25 Comments on “Pumpkin Pete Needs a New Human”

  1. HE WILL HAVE Afor EVER home HERE.

  2. i have room in my home for Pumpkin Pete. please reply to raederdickthirteenkitties@yahoo.com.or leave a message on my facebook page . thank you.

    • The Big Girl says:

      oh my…someone heard our purrs, in Hairball Alley…hope it all works out!

    • animalartist says:

      Hey, that’s great news! There’s a link in the article to the woman who is taking care of him. Go ahead and send her a message, maybe you can even get things started tomorrow. Thanks!

    • Patti says:

      Hi Leah ! Wonderful ! I was telling Pumpkin Pete about this blog.he is so excited ! LOL

      e-mail me or give me a phone call……………412-259-8072


      • animalartist says:

        Hey, guys, a friend of mine is ready to drive Pete to you tomorrow! This would be Terri Bell, no relation to Bell Acres :). She called me to find out where Pete was and how to get in touch with Patti, then how to get him to Leah–are you in DuBois?

        Patti, do you mind if I pass your phone number a long to Terri so you can all make arrangements? She’s at work right now then headed home to check her laptop for a message from me or someone else. Yay! Pumpkin Pete is going home!

  3. The Real Cie says:

    I’ll share this post on the Animal Anarchy page on Facebook. I’m one of the admins.

  4. The Big Girl says:

    I am so tempted…He looks like my first cat, Raindrop, who ran away..I will pass it on

  5. Pam says:

    He’s a beauty!

    I cannot understand this mentality in humans. HOW can people do this?

    I wish Pumpkin Pete the very best … a loving, doting forever home.

    • animalartist says:

      Pam, as much as I like to think people were innocent of cruelty, only about half the time was it because the cat got out or got away, or was being watched by someone who didn’t take care. Sometimes they just left the cat behind and really didn’t see anything wrong with it. I don’t ask anymore.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Has he been tested for FELV? Any idea of his age? I may know someone who could help, but could not risk bringing him home if he had anything contagious or was really old. Only because they have kids who were heartbroken last year when their elderly cat passed away.

    • animalartist says:

      I don’t think he has has any veterinary care at all since he is neutered and appears healthy. That could be arranged. He looks rather young, not a kitten, but certainly not a senior. We’ll see if that can be determined.

    • Patti says:

      Hello, anonymous,
      I am Patti, I am taking care of Pete ! I did speak with the “people” that left him behind…….what derelicts! They said they could hardly feed themselves, so they had to leave him. I live on 8 acres near Sewickley……there are two rentals here and Pete lived in one of those. He refuses to come into my house due to soooooooooooooooo many other kitties! I do “rescue” and have several fosters currently. Pumpkin Pete lives mainly inside of a huge cement block abandoned garage out here on the property. He is far from roads and I feed and water each day. He also gets plenty of belly rubs. He really is sweet !! He is about 3 yrs. old (not old at all) I am uncertain of the FELV.
      Contact me by e-mail if anyone has interest, please

      Thank you

      • animalartist says:

        Patti, thanks for joining in! He’s been shared all over Facebook, and I truly hope that means a potential home for him. I’m trying to imagine derelicts near Sewickley…only kidding! You just never know where they will turn up. We’ll keep him going, and keep us in the know!

        • Patti says:

          HEHEHE……….I know what you mean ! (regarding Sewickley) LOL LOL
          But I am actually in Bell Acres.(rural) Sewickley mailing address (about 3 or 4 miles out of Sewickley)

      • please have him ready for terri bell to pick him up tomorrow. hes coming home to raederdickthirteenkitties[leah & jim]. we have plenty or room for him. REPLY ASAP.

  7. My Mom and Dad volunteer at a rescue shelter but we all live in Calif. Soooo sad about Pumpkin Pete…if we were close we would find him a forever home. And I am way too scared still to have another cat in my new forever home…I still have troubles trusting Mom and Dad…sigh…paw pats Savannah

  8. Peg says:

    Awwww, he’s so handsome! I wish we could…..! Will re-post.

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