How sweet! Fellow blogger, feline slave and bird lover Wazeau purchased a print of my photo of Sophie and blogged about it. Hope Sassafras approved of the box! Visit and read about brother and sister kitties Sassafras and Nekoka and her birds Bandit and Merlin.

Wazeau's World

I love reading Bernadette Kazmarski’s The Creative Cat’s blog.  Especially her stories of how she met some of the cats in her life, and the wonderful photos and paintings that highlight them.  A little while ago she had this lovely entry about her cat Sophie which included a gorgeous shot of her peeking out from behind some pale white lace curtains overlooking a spray of blue flowers.  I am not sure why but the photo spoke to me and I had to have it.


Of course, once it arrived, it had to be given the seal of approval by Sassafrass before I could bring it upstairs and hang it in the spot which I had earmarked for it the moment I saw it.  Sass may, however, have just been approving the lingering scent of Bernadette’s pack of felines.

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  1. lemniscate47 says:

    How Lucky she is.. that is a beautiful image of Sophie peeping through.. n she has Beautiful Sassafras, too. I bet she’s Sassy by name n sassy by nature, too.
    That must have brought a smile to your face this morning, Bernadette?!! xxx

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