Antique Kitties and Threads

reproduction of antique post card

A reproduction of an antique post card or trading card.

A perfect sign for an interior designer and seamstress who loves and rescues cats!

I visited Bonita at Distinctly Different Design & More to check on artwork and other things and happened to see this embossed sign tacked up on the wall outside her sewing studio. The design is rather popular in reproduction, though I’ve seen there are a few originals around.

Not sure why these three are playing instruments, perhaps because of the mention of “six cord” thread? Or the drum resembles a spool of thread? But I love the two tabbies with white bellies and the black cat with a red bowtie playing the bass! What do you suppose they’re playing? Some Dixieland tune from New Orleans judging by the instruments included.

I love early advertising, everything from concept to illustration to hand-drawn headlines, and if it has a cat in it, so much the better!Also interesting to note that often the black areas in the illustration were printed as hand-drawn metal-plate etchings, then the prints were hand-colored with watercolors by skilled artisans, usually women, as color plates were in old botanical books. By the time this was printed, however, it was likely that multiple-plate printing for color was also available.

Just thought I’d share this with other cat lovers.

I’ll soon be featuring a special project Bonita will be creating, made by hand for a special cat or dog! She carries my greeting cards and a selection of originals and prints in her shop; read about it here.


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3 Comments on “Antique Kitties and Threads”

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  2. rumpydog says:

    That is so cute!

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