And then I gave up work for the day…

four black cats on desk

Maybe she’ll notice us now.

The above photo is from 2009, but I like to call it back up each year. Some things never change.

2011: Okay, okay, I admit I’ve been busy, but do you guys like to eat?! Then you’ll keep doing things like this as inspiration.

For now, enjoy somewhat over 50 pounds of black cat on one desk.

2009: They are always doing something unique, that whimsical quartet of siblings, but sometimes they have the right idea. I really was tired, my eyes were strained, I was losing focus at the end of a long day, and one by one the three boys piled up trying to get their point across (we need dinner, you need to stop working), hence the multiple nap. First Giuseppe front and center, paws draped on my keyboard, then Jelly Bean on the left and Mr. Sunshine on the right. Then Mewsette, the big sister, piled on top of all of them and began bathing them all in turn, causing things to start falling off my desk. Still, I could pile papers on top of them and keep working. When the paws and tails expanded onto my keyboard, I decided to take their advice and quit working for the day.

Below is a version from 2012, today in fact, and the only difference is that Mimi is part of the group on the far left so it isn’t quite 50 pounds of black cat, and the other three are Giuseppe, Mewsette and Mr. Sunshine, just continuing yesterday’s heat-induced laziness.

four black cats sleeping on desk.

Four cats on my desk.


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14 Comments on “And then I gave up work for the day…”

  1. […] Reference this little heap with yesterday’s cuddle puddle on my desk. […]

  2. […] Reference this little heap with yesterday’s cuddle puddle on my desk. […]

  3. […] Reference this little heap with yesterday’s cuddle puddle on my desk. […]

  4. lemniscate47 says:

    What Fantastic Photos!! They look Beautiful all bundled up in that small space, but most of all they look so funny n bloomin’ Cat-Like. Sitting in that special place of your concentrated focus n busy-ness, where previously, up until a few moments ago, they weren’t allowed to go. Well, they can go there now big time.. n spread out.. n take up as much space as they like now. All Five claiming it as Theirs.
    I Love Cats for their daftness as well as for every other reason I’ve ever thought of.
    Thanks, Bernadette, I’ll be chuckling about that all afternoon. xxx

  5. The Big Girl says:

    86 degrees?

  6. you crack me up…those guys are totally cool!

  7. Chris Davis says:

    Now THAT’S a magical photo – very inspriing!

  8. losangelas says:

    yes, when I saw your photo on the photography page, I immediately thought “I’ve seen that photo before” 🙂 So they still like to keep you “company” haha! super!

    • animalartist says:

      Yes–because I had an “update” I thought I’d start with that one. Just couldn’t figure out why on this 86 degree day–very warm for Western PA in early May–they decided to pile up like that on my desk! Only they know.

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